Welcome to the MEMBERSHIP Page. 

Here we outline the procedures involved in joining a Home Office Approved Gun Club as well and the membership costs and other associated cost.

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As a Home Office approved Club we are required by the conditions of our approval to strictly control who has access to and uses firearms.   This includes the age limit requirements set out HERE.

This control is a blend of education, constructive support and direct supervision.

Initially you will be invited to an interview where you can discuss your requirements and receive more information on the Club and it procedures.

You will be invited to sign a declaration that there is no reason why you cannot handle a firearm.  A summary of what that means can be found HERE.      You will be asked for proof of identity

Then, if you wish to become a Probationary Member you must complete an application form and have two third parties provide references.

These papers may be copied to the Essex Police for their information.

Probation will start in the Air Weapons section(*) and in time training will take place at the the Range which best suits your purpose for joining the club.  For example, if you wish to apply for a Firearms Certificate, then you must complete your probation at a Range that uses Section One firearms. 

(*) If you are new to shooting we recommend that you start with Air weapons as the skills, knowledge and attitude will transfer to other disciplines.

As a Probationary Member you must complete a probationary period of six months during which time you will be given training in how to safely use a firearm and basic marksmanship.

You are required to attend on a regular basis and participate in the Club's activities. This will allow you to decide if you want to join the Club and give the Club an opportunity to assess your character.

At the end of your probationary period, assuming that you have demonstrated that you can handle a firearm safely, your conduct has been satisfactory, you have completed the required Theory tests  and have attended on a regular basis, you will be invited to apply for full membership.

The Management Committee will consider reports from your Coach/Supervisor and decide on whether full membership should be offered.




Probation membership is free and on full membership (2018) the balance of the relevant full fee for that year must be paid.

 2018 FEES

£ 65.   FULL MEMBER                                                 

£ 40.   RETIRED MEMBER   (Over 65 years old on 1st January )

£ 45.   COUNTRY MEMBER  (Living more than 25 miles from Southend )

£ 35.   JUNIOR MEMBER    (Under 21 or in full-time education)

£ 10.    NRA CARD   ( Certificate of Competence required for NSC and DE Ranges and only provided after an assessment is carried out)

£ 30.   GALLERY RIFLE AND PISTOL ANNUAL RANGE FEE  (Additional  annual charge to use this Range)





As a Probationary Member you are covered by the Club's Insurance. However, this cover does not extend to Full Members.

Accordingly to be a member you must provide evidence that you have adequate insurance to cover your shooting activities.

Your household insurance may cover you but you will need to provide a copy of the relevant policy schedule

It is best to check with your insurer as 'sporting activities' may not include shooting.

Membership of the Governing Bodies listed under the LINKS  Tab can provide adequate insurance cover.


 Other Costs

Aside from the cost of buying your firearm or air weapon the costs of shooting are limited to the cost of ammunition and the Range fee you pay on the Day. 

Ammunition costs can vary depending on the calibre and quality used.  We will be happy to show you examples of the types of ammunition each section uses and give you an idea of cost.  

Range fees vary for each Range and will be explained when you contact us.